Random Pointless Update

Nothing exciting happened today. I went to work, made only like 50 bucks. Was first cut, what a suprise… I hate Uno, but I don’t want to talk about it on here. I have people in real life I can complain about it with, my LJ isn’t necessary.

As far as Aaron goes, I haven’t talked to him all day, I didn’t expect to. I added Chase as a friend on myspace today. Or at least sent him an invite. I don’t know why, but I did. I was going to go over to his house tonight to pick up my coat from Kristie, but she wasn’t there so I just went home. No biggie, he should bring it into work for me tomorrow.

That’ll be nice working with him tomorrow. Though he doesn’t come in til like 3pm. Once he gets there though I’ll make plans with him. Yes.. I’ll make plans with him. I don’t care that I’ll go back to the offensive, but being passive took too much time. I figure since I don’t have to be to school Monday morning til 2.45 I could stay the night there. If so I’ll ask him if I can sleep on the couch with him because of my height. Depending on who’s there he should say yes, I hope…

I mean, if for some reason tons of people are over, he may not just because of things people would say. If drake is there, I could probably convince her that it’s fine since we talked about it earlier. If Chase is there for some odd reason, it definately won’t happen. Although I don’t think Aaron likes him, he won’t tel Chase so Chase’ll still try to snuggle. But most likely, since it’ll be Sunday, Nicole might stay over but she’ll be our only audience.

It’d be nice to fall asleep with him next to me. I figured that might foster the perfect moment I’ve been waiting for to let him know how much he means to me. But if not I’m not too worried. I’ve figured out that even if we don’t work out or even ever try, I’m liking the people I’m meeting because of him. I met Cole for the first REAL time last night, and adore him. He IS cute, but I know he’s straight and right now Aaron is the only man on my mind.

I guess I won’t talk to you tomorrow night, since I should be at Aaron’s place. But I’ll talk to you soon I swear!!!


~ by kioseth on October 19, 2008.

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