Well, two days in a row. What are the odds! Latest update on Aaron. I expected to be more on the “playing hard to get” side of things, but I don’t care that I’m making a lot of plans to see him. I want to see him, why should I try to hide that. I’m obviously the girl in the relationship, so sue me.

I’m hoping the movie still happens, but I can’t help to be a little pessimistic about it. I think I’ll go over tomorrow morning and set definate-ish plans. Like, at least a day. Hopefully Friday, but if not then Sunday would work best. I won’t have too much homework either so I’m not too worried about time management.

It’s nice to have the house to myself too. Here’s my ideal Friday night:

He comes over as I’m getting off work, and I change there so as to save time and make the movie. We walk over and talk about how excited we are, giving each other random cutesy smiles. We get to the ticket booth and I’ll say something corny like, “Isn’t the guy supposed to pay, lord knows you’re the man in the relationship” He’ll chuckle and oblige. That’ll be the first sign.

Through the movie we’ll get scared, and I’ll latch onto his bicep for “protection” even though I most likely won’t be even a tad scared. I’ll buy popcorn for us since he bought the tickets and our hands will hit more than just once.

After the movie, we’ll be heading out and I’ll ask him what he’s doing. He’ll most likely say something about hanging out with Nicole, and I’ll sigh and say “okay”. Then he’ll ask if I had anything planned, and I’ll say just a payback. I’ll offer him to hang out with me, and not drink. We can watch family guy, play spore and he’ll have a hot shower and a warm bed to sleep in. He’ll be stoaked, and say YES!

We’ll go back to my place and I’ll request a shower first. Mainly because I stink from work, but also as a forthought of what’s to come. I’ll get out and wear only a towel, to let his AND my gaurd down. I’ll offer him the next shower and he’ll be just as excited to. When he’s in though I’ll ask if I can come in and dry my hair. “Sure” he’ll say. And while he’s in the shower I’ll ask him about the other night.

“Remember when you said you wish you could read peoples’ minds? On Monday during Heros?”

“Yeah, what about it”

“Well I guess I should let you know what I’m thinking” A lull of odd silence will set in for a second. It’ll be easier for both of us to say and hear because there’ll be a shower curtain behind us. “Well I’m thinking about you most of the time.”

“Really? Thinking of me.. how?”

“Thinking of how much I might just… just… like you. Thinking of how much I might want something more from you than just friendship. But also thinking about how much of a risk this is. Thinking about how much I love our friendship and the time we spend together, but under that I want something more. Thinking about what you’re thinking, and also releived that this is finally out there in the open. So yeah, that’s what I’m thinking.”

The shower will stop running and he’ll grab his towel over the curtain. The silence will kill me, and lead me to think that he’s not interested at all. “Well let me tell you what I’m thinking”. He’ll come out of the shower, towel around his waist, still wet and walk over to me. He’ll grab the small of my back, pull me in, and kiss me. We’ll kiss for what’ll seem like forever and finally he’ll pull away and say, “that’s what I think”

I’ll pull him back into my bed and we’ll start to make out with just these loose towels on, but I’ll stop. “I don’t want to rush this, I like you too much.” He’ll agree and we’ll just lay there for a while, holding each others half naked bodies talking about how long we’ve eached felt this way.

So yeah, I have high expectations for this weekend. Really, REALLY High expectations…


~ by kioseth on October 7, 2008.

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