I don’t have any time for anything anymore (I used a lot of “any”s in there for fun). I recently compared myself to my friend, Grace, and realized that she does so much better than me in school mostly because she has so much time to dedicate to study time. She had her schedule mapped out yesterday in class and gave herself 2 hours for chemistry homework. 2 HOURS!! I barley have that much time throughout the week to dedicate to a single class.

I have 20 credits in school, roughly meaning a 40 hour work week right there with my classes and homework. I pull in about 30 hours a week at my part time job, which is starting to become a full time! And on top of all that I have household things I need finished and done, along with slight extra cirriculars so I don’t kill myself! My dad doesn’t understand any of this, and thinks I’m wasting my life away. While he tells me that I work too much, and it’s hurting my school grades. Well sorry dad, but I barley make even each month on the credit card because of gas and food!

So because of my 70+ hour weeks, I’ve made a revelation. I considered quitting my job, but I told them to no longer schedule me during the week. My 30 hour a week job has now become a 10 hour a week job, if I’m lucky. I’m going to dedicate more time to school each night, and try to retire no later than midnight. On top of that I have highly considered moving onto campus next year. The time I spend in my car a week is roughly 10 hours a week. And that’s if I only come to campus once a week day.

So there it is… if all my plans fall in place, my 80+ hour week will become a 50+ hour week! That may still be a heck of a lot on my plate, and my dad still wont understand. But those extra 30 hours will make my life a billion times easier!

Night Time… ❤ Conor


~ by kioseth on January 24, 2008.

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