Today was quite a day at the old office, that’s for sure… I was working a double today for a friend, but his shift started right when mine ended, to I never got a chance to leave today. Which into that big of ordeal I suppose. So I had an 8 hour shift today. I was fine with that, not like I haven’t worked 8 hours straight before!

We had a guest manager today though, that was the icing on the cake. He was this fruit from Pitsburg, and I absolutely adored him. He was fun, sarcastic, and bitter. He reminded me of Tommy a lot, an old hook up from Junior year in high school, but the manager was a good person deep down. I loved working with him, and I hope he comes back real soon!

Anyway, I was cut around 8pm and stayed around. I made many mochacinos and ate breadsticks for a good couple hours. But then around 11pm, we were about to leave when a party of 40 walks in the door. I decided to stay after and help because I guess I don’t do anything besides work. I helped seat, get menus, get drinks, make salads, run food, and help with check out. I worked my little butt off for 2.5 hours off the clock. Not that I don’t already do that though, haha.

The two servers though that had the table didn’t tip me out or anything though, which sort of upsetted me. They never do though, and I always help them. The people that I’m closer to there never seem to tip me. Which I guess if we’re really really close that’s fine. I wouldn’t ever tip out Jordan, because our cash flow is basically the same thing. But if we only hang out once a month… maybe… you should give me a few bucks a least. Whatever… I’m going to have the real managers make me free food tomorrow or I’ll bitch up a storm.

The night went by well I suppose and everything was nice a fun. I hope to be put on salads sometime soon. I loved it, and you don’t have to worry about customers/guests. But it’s 2.30am and I have an early opening shift tomorrow, again on a double. I should have something like 30 hours for this week. pretty good, but I should have the same next week too. I know working so much is hurting my grades slightly, but I really want to have money, it’s vital.

❤ Conor


~ by kioseth on January 20, 2008.

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