Sleep Deprivation

I suppose I’m never going to sleep again…. Ever!

First was two nights ago, the night of American Idol. I hung out with Jordan that night afterward and everything was going fine until I decided to finally go home. He wouldn’t walk me out and wait for the bus with me because he “needed sleep”. Well I wouldn’t get home for another 45 minutes and I have to wake up 2 hours earlier than him anyways! So if anyone gets to complain about sleep, it’s me. Whatever though, I was angry so I left.

Well it turns out the only bus that comes is the courtesy shuttle, which I just missed, so I had to walk to West Campus on foot. This is a loooooong ass walk, and took me a good hour and fifteen minutes. Now, for 20 minutes of that time I was taking serene pictures (I’ll put them up later) so I can’t complain about that, but it was definitly scary sometimes walking on campus completely alone. I got over my anger for that the next day though, I just wish I had gotten more than 4 hours of sleep…

Then last night I helped out at my old job, Schakolad. I loved it, and love them, but I hated being there so late. I was wrapping little chocolates for four hours. And this is already after my shift at Uno’s! So by the time I got back from there it was 2.15am and I still had homework to do. After I completed math and econ it was 3am. I snuggled into bed and grabbed onto the 3 hours of sleep I was about to behold. *cough*

Well I’m doing the same tonight basically, just more. I’m going straight from school today over to Schakolad, then to Uno’s, then back to Schakolad in the evening until 2am again. I just hate not getting sleep. Everyone has their addiciton, well mine is rest. And so far, the sum of my sleep over the past 3 days is 10 hours. That’s only 3.3333 hours a night. I think I might die!

Blah, Conor


~ by kioseth on January 17, 2008.

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